Grate Logs

If you live in West Sussex and are looking for dry seasoned hardwood logs,
please call us on: 01903 245025

Supplying logs and kindling locally since 2008

We have been supplying logs to the West Sussex area for many years.
We sell in bulk or individual netted bags.
Please call us to make an order.

Logs from sustainable forests

All of our logs come from managed, sustainable forests. We use two types of wood – Ash and Beech.

Ash is excellent for firewood. The wood supplies good heat and splits extremely well.
The ash tree tends to be the top choice for anyone who burns firewood.

The dense hardwood of the Beech tree burns hot and clean without a lot of sparks.
The smooth bark does not flake off which reduces the amount of bark left inside your house or in your yard.
If you’re thinking about burning beech this year don’t hesitate to contact us – you won’t be disappointed.

Logs dried for a minimum of one year

The logs that you buy will have been dried for at one to two years. This ensures that your logs will have a very low moisture content which means they will burn extremely well. Our logs are suitable for open fires and wood burning stoves.

Quantity to suit you

We bag up our kindling and logs in various sizes, depending on what is required. When you contact us, just let us know your requirements and we can then supply the correct sized bag for you.

Logs delivered within a 10 mile radius

We are based in Ferring, near Worthing and deliver to houses within a 10 mile radius. Please call us to arrange a delivery.

Contact Grate Logs

To visit our premises, or find out more about the kindling and logs that we sell,
please call us on:
T: 01903 245025
M: 07979 802800

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